What do I need to do before my carpet is installed?

The best way to prepare for carpet installation is to make sure that all of your small loose items are packed up, the tops of dressers cleared off, your electronics are disconnected, the bottom row of clothing from your closets is moved, everything is removed from your closet floors and that nothing is left under your bed. Rather than putting things on top of your furniture or bed, please move loose items to a room that isn’t going to be carpeted.

It is also a good idea to strip your bed to avoid the dust that can occur during installation. You may need to arrange for unusual items like artwork, aquariums or sculptures to be moved by others ahead of time. Lastly, secure any valuables and keepsakes before installation and make a note to remind yourself where you stored those things.

The room temperature should be between 65 and 80 degrees 48 hours before and after the carpet installation. Make sure that there is access to fully functioning electrical outlets because power tools will need to be utilized during installation. It is important to make sure your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly because airflow is the best way to dissipate the smells associated with new carpet and padding.